Risk Assessment (ROI)

This section on risk assessment is for general guidance and support only.  The particular circumstances locally must be taken into account and reflected in risk assessments.  If necessary parishes should seek further advice and/or contact their insurance broker or insurance company to ensure their policy cover is sufficient.

In you require further advice please contact your diocesan support team or call the safeguarding office in church house Dublin at 01 412 5661.

Risk Assessment of ‘Harm’ under Children’s First Act 2015

Under the Children First Act 2015, organisations providing a relevant service, must undertake a risk assessment. This considers the potential for harm to come to children while they are in the organisation’s care. It should be noted that risk in this context is the risk of abuse and not general health and safety risk.

A risk assessment is an exercise where the organisation examines all aspects of its service from a safeguarding perspective, to establish whether there are any practices or features of the service that have the potential to put children at risk.

The risk assessment process is intended to enable the organisation to:

  • Identify potential risks
  • Develop policies and procedures to minimise risk by responding in a timely manner to potential risks
  • Review whether adequate precautions have been taken to eliminate or reduce these risks


After the risk assessment has been completed, organisations are required to develop a Child Safeguarding Statement that outlines the policies and procedures which are in place to manage the risks that have been identified. 

Further guidance is available in the attached documents along with a template Child Safeguarding Statement. 

Please contact your diocesan support team for further advice or the safeguarding office at church house Dublin 014125661.

The relevant Risk Assessment documents can be downloaded below: