Access NI

From 1st April 2015, AccessNI have introduced online applications for all Disclosures.

Download the Pin Notification Form

Process for completion

Step 1– The Rector (or Panel member in absence of the Rector) download the PIN NOTIFICATION AND ID VALIDATION FORM which should be copied and given to the applicant for instruction.

Step 2 – The applicant must register an account at and complete the Disclosure Application on line using the PIN number of the Board of Education – 918066. Please note applicants must choose the ‘ENHANCED’ option when completing their account online.

Step 3 – The Rector then completes the PIN NOTIFICATION AND ID VALIDATION FORM and this must then be submitted to the Board of Education before the application will be processed. (The Pin notification and Validation form and relevant documents must be submitted to the Board of Education within 9 weeks of the application being made online or it will be rejected automatically by Access NI)

Step 4 – The completed application will be lodged automatically and immediately to the online account of the Board of Education for processing.

Step 5 – The applicant will receive their certificate. It is their responsibility to inform their Rector / Parish Panel of receipt of this.

Please note this process should not take more than a couple of weeks. It is the Rector’s responsibility to ensure that the validation form has been received by the Board of Education. The Board of Education will only be in contact if there is an error in the administration and will not be chasing up validation forms not received.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact Margaret or Claire at 028 9082 8860 or by email:
Margaret –
Claire –