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Adult Safeguarding Day

  Adult Safeguarding Day takes place on Friday November 11, 2022. The event is an initiative of Safeguarding Ireland in the Republic of Ireland and is supported by the HSE […]

Anti-Slavery Week

It’s Anti-Slavery Week – Modern Slavery is an umbrella term that includes offences relating to human trafficking; slavery; servitude and forced labour – Human Trafficking involves the movement of a […]

Adult Safeguarding

A National Safeguarding Office was established by the Health Service Executive in the Republic of Ireland in December 2015. This was in accordance with the HSE’s Social Care Division Safeguarding […]

Sometimes safeguarding means standing up to power

By Robert Dunne. Safeguarding is core business for any charity, particularly those such as the Church of Ireland, which provide a wide range of events and activities for children and […]

Coercive control and vulnerable adults

In a recently published survey commissioned by Safeguarding Ireland in the Republic of Ireland, the following information on vulnerable adults/adults at risk was highlighted: 30% have witnessed coercive control and […]

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Understanding the nature of sexual offending

“He ruined my life when he was supposed to be protecting me.” These are the words of a survivor of the paedophile John McClean, a former teacher and rugby coach […]

Safeguarding policy updates

Since the launch of the new Safeguarding website in August 2020, the policies are now available on webpages and all changes made to them are updated on the website.  You […]

Supporting our children as schools re-start

By Peter Hamill and Robert Dunne. Starting school again in autumn is always a time of change, new teachers, new subjects, new routines, exams, perhaps a new school.  How much […]

Suicide Prevention in Ireland

In communities across Ireland, suicide generates feelings of grief, apprehension and concern. For every Irish person who dies by suicide, many others attempt to end their lives, and many more […]

Minding Your Mental Health – COVID19

Experience of outbreaks like coronavirus (COVID-19), can be really worrying and this can affect your mental health. There are many things you can do to mind your mental health during […]